Termite Treatment


Termites or ‘White Ants’ as they are commonly known, are social insects that live underground in colonies of millions. They feed on anything containing cellulose i.e. wooden doors, furniture, fixtures, paper, books, cloths even currency notes. They are hard to detect and are almost always discovered only after the damage has been done.

The Treatment


We use the latest DRILL-FILL-SEAL technique to form a barrier against termites. This method is quick non-messy and completely safe. It makes a completely undetectable chemical barrier around your property assuring you of continuous protection. We also treat infested woodwork with chemicals to kill termites and protect it form further attacks.



  • An absolutely new and highly effective treatment used in all developed countries.
  • A completely odourless solution
  • Totally hassle free and safe for occupants
  • Completely Kills the termites unlike regular pest control which merely repels them

Service Types



  • Annual Maintenance Contract(1 year warranty)
  • HAN PEST CONTROL SERVICES offers this contract for a part of the building.
  • 5 year warranty contract
  • This service is provided for the entire building or structure where all the sides are accessible for the treatment at ground level from outside.


  • This contract comes with a 5-year warranty for the entire building or structure

Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment Steps

This treatment is essential for new upcoming residential and non-residential buildings comprises of creating chemical barrier along the building to make it fully safe from termites infiltration & damage and is carried out at the early stage of construction by treating the soil in the foundation trenches, backfill earth and under floors. Final treatment is carried out in the external perimeter of the building or before the plinth protection is laid.



Stage 1: Bottom and sides of Foundation pits

Method: Foundation pits to be treated at the bottom and sides to a height of 30 cms. At the rate of 5 litres of 1% emulsion per square meter.

Stage 2: Refilled Earth

Method: Built up walls to be treated on the both sides at a rate of 7.5 litres of 1% emulsion per square meter.

Stage 3: Top surface of Plinth Filling

Method: Before laying the floor, the plinth wall to be treated at the rate of 5 litres of 1% emulsion per square meter. Wherever pipes and conduits enter the soil inside the area of foundations, loosen the soil for a distance of 150 mm and to a depth of 75 mm and thoroughly drench with PIRAMID.20% EC.

Stage 4: External perimeter

Method: After completion of building, the earth along the external perimeter of building at 7.5 litres of 1% emulsion.


Bayer TC shall be applied at 0.05% a.i concentration ie. 1 Liter of Bayer TC iN 49 Liters of water.


Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment Steps

If you have noticed wood that sounds hollow, mud tubes on exterior walls, any cracked or bubbling paint or frass termite droppings then these are strong indicators that there is termite infestations. Termite infestation is difficult to detect as they work from inside to outside. Termites actually live hundreds of feet below the ground and form huge colonies.

Ridding a home or a commercial building of termites requires special skills. At Chem-Pest during inspection we pin point specific termite attack zones where termites have entered or are likely to enter.



Stage 1:Treatment of Wall and Floor Junctions

Method: Holes at suitable distance are drilled and termiticide solution is injected under pressure to create barriers against termites. Top floors if infested are given the same treatment. The holes on suitably sealed subsequently.

Stage 2: Treatment of Wooden Fixtures

Method: Holes are drilled at the base of wooden fixtures such as winds frames, door frames and termiticide solution is injected. An oil-based termiticide is sprayed on all the wood work infested by the termites. Preventive treatment is carried out on other fixtures which are not infested.

Stage 3: Treatment of Termite Tubes

Method: Termite tubes which are visible will be sprayed and removed and infested area will be treated with termiticide.

Stage 4: Treatment along the external perimeter of the building

MethodHoles are drilled as close as possible to the plinth wall and termiticide is then injected so that it reaches the soil to eliminate the termites present there. Soil Surrounding the building will also be treated.



Bayer TC shall be applied at 1Ltr of Bayer TC in 49Ltr of Kerosene or turpentine oil.

post-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment             post Construction Termite Control