Why Us

Han Pest Control Services have established in the year 2008, with a strong foothold in Mumbai, Thane, Lonavala, Pune and Nashik by providing Pest Control, Pest Management Services, Residential Pest Control, Industrial Pest Control, Cockroach Pest Control. Rodent Control Treatment, Owing to our quick response, efficient service, timely execution of projects, we have been widely preferred by the clients.

In order to meet the requirements of the clients with at most professional attitude and to execute the projects within timely manner, we have formed a team of well-trained experts.The professionals are highly experienced and well versed with the various intricacies of pest control and management systems.Our Team understand the root cause of the problems and provides you the best solutions by adopting the effective methods,we also ensure the environment friendliness.Owing to our quantitative and prompt services to clients at any location to our own limits.

We offer effective and reliable pest control Services and Pest management Services to our clients.Our Solutions are very effective and are provided by expert pest control service technicians,who ensure the safety during the delivery of services.

The Service solutions which we offer to our esteemed clients are mentioned below:

a. General Pest Control

b. Rodent Control

c. Bed Bug Treatment

d. Termite Treatment

e. Termite Control Post Construction

Our Treatment are also Known due to the following features:

1. Cost effectiveness

2. Reliability

3. Time Adherence

4. flexibility

HAN Pest Control Services is an ISO 9001:2008 certification for Pest Control Services in residential and commercial premises by JAS-ANZ to further establish our commitment to quality.

    • Inspection- Proper inspection is necessory to identify pest. It’s harbourages their entry points, Shelter & decide control measure.
    • Pest Identification- Identification of pest is essential to decide target oriented treatment.
    • Pest Habitat- Knowledge of pest habits & behaviour is also essential.
    • Entry Points- We find out entry points to deny the entry into premise. Seal this entry point permanently.
    • Shelter- Identification of hiding places is important to spot the target. Destroy the harborages.
    • Monitoring- Monitoring of Pests using Monitoring pads. It gives information of Types of pests & their severity.
    • Sanitation- Sanitation should be complimented to keep hygienic condition.